Pratibha Essay

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Pratibha makes Nisha conscious about this boy and asked Nisha to know about his family background and caste and says: If you are going to be a modern girl you have to be thorough” (146). Nisha just pretends and says: “You think girl and boy can’t be friends” (147). She is modern girl with modern views and does not deficient through biologically, they are equivalent creature beings. After several meetings both Nisha and Suresh fall in love with each other. Nisha develop into a such a valiant girl and she amble with Suresh with University lawns, seating with him in Coffee houses. Now, it has turn into her daily routine life part. Suresh recommend her to cut her hair like Suriya, a well-known film actress of the days. She did the same, but Nisha is equally conscious…show more content…
She rebukes on this statement of his brother by stating: “Who you are to decide whether I am trustworthy” (199).This defiant statement echo her modernity. She wants to live on the same footing with men, constructed her own individuality. She declines to confess any inequity between men and women. Her mutinous temperament occurs from time to time. When Suresh, on the other hand, strives to convince her family that his intensions are pure and he only needs Nisha. No dowry, no fancy wedding, he doesn’t even be bothered if she is a mangli. On description of this, she is stirred by his dignity. Nisha snubs to go after the age-old conventional marriage. She no more needs to be a puppet to be sold in the market. Nisha’s search for identity and liberty as an individual being considerably articulates Manju Kapur’s feministic approach. Nisha is in the thought of that her parents did the love marriage so they allow her for marriage with Suresh, but she is wrong at her side and she kept imprison inside at her home. She regrets to her uncle Premnath, he tells her"“Suresh’s family should have met your family” (201). This is
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