Modern Heroes In Beowulf

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Superman, Batman, Police Officer, Firefighters, United States military members and even ordinary people, are modern day heroes with stories that most adults and children have heard of. Many have not heard of the original hero, Beowulf, from around the 7th Century CE, more to come later. (Fioritino) Heroes are introduced to an individual at a young age, usually in the form of a fictional character from a story. As we get older however, the insights of their hero’s change. Maintaining this tradition of choosing a hero becomes easier when you know where it all started. What makes an individual or character a hero is usually based on the ideals of a culture or society. These characteristics include but are not limited to: bravery, loyalty,…show more content…
Whether it is fighting a monster (Beowulf fought and killed Grendel a monster), or a child walking into a classroom for the first time, bravery puts trust in yourself to face anything. Loyalty, is the quality of being loyal or the allegiance, dedication or commitment towards someone. In the case of heroes most are loyal to a King, Nation, or community. Beowulf was loyal to King Hrothgar and was always willing upon his own free will to help the King in anyway possible. Today, modern heroes are loyal to their community (police, firefighters) and Nation (military) and these individuals still help in anyway upon their own free will. Selflessness, by definition, is having little or no concern for oneself, especially regarding fame, position, money, etc; unselfish. ( This tells us that a hero is someone that will go out of the way to do anything for you. Heroes come in many forms and many different abilities but what defines them remains the…show more content…
Achilles, Son of the mortal Peleus, King of the Myrmidons, was perhaps one of the bravest heroes of all time. He had superhuman strength, loyalty and was courageous (brave) even with his one vulnerability, the “Achilles heel”. Our men and women in uniform do not have superpowers but show courage everyday they get dressed to serve their communities or country. Without hesitation, they face danger in many forms without showing any fear even with their own individual vulnerabilities. These loyal individuals in our culture will always be considered heroes. Loyalty is a trait that seems to span all years of oral and written

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