Modern II Reflective Essay

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I am writing this letter to inform you on the progress that I made from having you last semester in Modern II and how I continue to grow and develop as a dancer in Modern III. During the last semester of Modern II, I set three goals for myself that included getting stronger with inversions, working on increasing my stamina, and taking risks during class. From last semester to now, I personally feel that as a whole, my goals that I set for myself have come a long way. In addition to working in the studio extra hours and going to the gym here and there to better myself, I have focused inside of the classroom on writing down feedback that is given to me from peers as well as my professor. Writing down the feedback has helped me when going into the next class and focusing on the corrections I have already got as well as looking at things that I set for myself. As I start this fall semester in a higher technique level modern class, I want to really focus on taking more risks and reaching further in my kinesphere, and dropping my pelvis more and getting lower. In the past, I have received feedback from Professor Hapke about taking more risks. She has stated that I need to find more ways for my body to move that surprises me. Taking these…show more content…
I firmly believe that the somatic practices at the beginning of class helps me focus on my balance and getting in tune with my body. It allows me to warm my abdominals up and focusing on keeping them engaged throughout the class. With that being said, one thing that I want to focus on that were stated in the syllabus is opposition. When working on the somatic work at the beginning of class, I find it really hard for me to keep my balance and keeping opposition at the same time during warrior 3. In addition to keeping my balance, I find it hard to keep my pelvis in line when following through with
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