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Immigration is a delicate subject, but regardless of personal opinions, it is an important part of US history. Without immigration, countries would not have been formed, and now cultures would not have been implemented into existing ones. Modern immigration, which stems from older forms of immigration, is more complex, with new terms and regulations to become a US citizen. Some foreigners are unable to meet said terms, and struggle with the process of entering the US, so they attempt to enter the country without the permission of the US government. A reported seven hundred thousand enter the US each year, according to Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform. Overall, immigration in the 1800-1900’s lead to modern forms of immigration, but with…show more content…
It limited the number of immigrants and brought new requirements to become a US citizen. Modern immigration primarily consists of two types, “Family-Based Immigration” and “Employment-Based Immigration.” To meet the requirements for “Family-Based Immigration,” and immigrant must have an immediate family member that is already a US citizen. The family member applies for the immigrant to receive a green card or LPR status. The second type, “Employment-Based Immigration,” consists of two subtypes, temporary residence, and permanent residence. For both types, an immigrant is a ranked base on their “value,” which is their ability and skill to work. For example, a professor or researcher has a higher chance of gaining residency within the US than someone with “lesser value,” a farmer or someone without much experience in their field. For both general types of immigration, a resident must have LPR status or a green card for a minimum of five years to apply for US citizenship. Compared to 1800-1900’s forms of immigration, the modern style differs greatly in length and requirements to become a US…show more content…
The rate of illegal entry sharply rose beginning in the 1990’s, suggesting that the gradual change in requirements for citizenship has caused the incline of illegal immigrants. Usually, the deportation process begins when an illegal immigrant does something to attract the attention of the local government, such as breaking a law, and then a background check occurs. If the illegal immigrant is found, they are ordered to appear, or rather receive an NTA, which requires them to stand before an Immigration Judge. If the illegal immigrant is determined guilty, then the deportation process begins. However, they become ineligible for deportation if they receive “Adjustment of Status, Asylum, or Cancellation of Removal (Deportation and Removal Process, Immigration Lawyers).” Given the changes in immigration from the 1800’s to the present day, it is believable that the changes have brought an influx of illegal immigrants into the

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