Modern Inventions Advantages And Disadvantages

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Technology is growing each day. As a result, more and more modern inventions are created to serve people’s need all around the world. Life is now more comfortable than what it was before thanks to these modern inventions. There are many things that people can not do without the help of these inventions. For example, the light bulb is the greatest invention of Thomas Edison, imagine the world which does not have that invention is very terrible, also no one can deny the importance of telephone - invented by Alexander Graham Bell - that has become nearly an indispensable part of people’s life. However, there are some points that I want to show in this paper : the advantages and backdraws of modern inventions.
The first advantage of modern inventions is the effects on works. In the past, it was very difficult to finish the farm work, for example, men had great difficulty in ploughing the lands to grow food, but nowadays, people use giant machines to plough thousands of acres of land. As a result, the farming products are harvested faster than it was before. Then there is the creation of various means of transportation that can carry all these products to other country in a very short time, which reduce shortage of food. In business, businessmen find it is very uncomfortable to travel around to make a contract or to send transaction. But now, all of these things will be completed just by sitting in front of a computer with Internet connection. Also all the works can be done at
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