Modern Life: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fast Food

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Modern life synonym with hectic lifestyle which is related to the times and technology. It is indicate of people daily routines that is full with activities, responsibilities they attached with and their interest. It is a new phase of lifestyle where most men and women decided to work together to support their high cost of living especially to those who have a family. High cost of living forces people to do extra work. People who are working are bound with the working hours that will gives a time constraint in people’s life. Due to time constraint, people are more likely to consume fast food as their main meals because it is an invention of the modern times where ready-made food being served fast and right in front of us. A typical fast food…show more content…
The fast food chain offer on the go meals allow their customer to order it online or by telephone which give a strong reasons for people to go for fast food as their main meal. The different of modern lifestyle pattern consuming fast food give a numbers of advantages and disadvantages for people. There are several advantages listed out of consuming fast food as the main meals nowadays. Firstly, Time Saving. Fast food save time as many people have a tight schedule daily makes them have no time to home-cook. In order to make sure the work are done right at the time they required, peoples tend to consume fast food because the food prepared is very low and no waiting period. We are in modern times where everything is fast moving and mobile. Most of people prefer to eat while doing their stuff, like while working, driving or watching movie and others. Taking away some ready-made food is convenient as it is usually prepared in matter of minutes and it is available for most of fast food restaurant to save time their customer by offering a delivery services and drive-thru’s which is accessible and allow the customers to order it quickly without even have to get out from the cars and making delivery service to be…show more content…
Today, there are many fast food restaurant business that offer the food to achieve their target profit without taking into consideration of people’s health as their expect that it is people choices for them to consume it or not. First of all, we can classify fast food as a food that is low in nutrition value. In order for our bodies to function properly and stay healthy, it is important that we follow a good nutritious diet. There are five main types of nutrient which is protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, and water. If people neglect to have the right combination of these nutrients, it will be very difficult to live a healthy lifestyles. In this case, most fast food contain food additive and preservatives. Fast food using this ingredient is to increase the lifespan of the food so that it is lasting longer to be consume than any other homecook food. The food additive and preservatives can cause cell damage and may lead to certain types of cancer if it taken in excessive amount. For example, I’ve read one article through internet where they are doing a test between fast food (Mcdonald) and a home cook food where they’re going to test the lifespan of the food which resulted the fast food from Mcdonald still in a good condition after three days while the other home cook food only lasting for a day. This has proven that the fast food are not good to consume frequently people’s main

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