Modern Marriage: Marriage's Role In Modern Society

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Chapter # 1
1.1 Defining Marriage

(Anderson & Taylor, 2005) Marriage is a social institution. It plays a pivotal role in society. Marriage is based on intimacy, economic cooperation, achieving and sharing mutual goals involving marital relationships.

Marriage is a universal institution. It performs similar functions in various societies. It is a basis of all social families of society. Marriage is a union between two individuals; it works as bondage between two families. Man cannot live in isolation because by nature man born social. The significance of marriage is acknowledged collectively. Marriage is the institution which identifies and proves these relationships with legal rights. Various cultural patterns, religious organization and ethnic concern have important significance.

“Contract for the maintenance and production of children” (Malinowski).

“Marriage is comparatively stable bond between permissible companions” (Robert H. Lowie).

“Marriage is the public linking together, under socially identified regulations as husband and wife of men and women” (Alfred McClung Lee). According to Gillin and Gillin
“A Marriage is a socially approved way of establishing a family of procreation”.

1.2 Late Marriage

With the
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People don’t want to marry those people who have less education/qualification as compare to them that’s why people have marry late. Now in modern era, boys and girls want spouse which is combatable to them. People want equal educated spouse. This shows the problem in marriage. People go in Professionalism they set their target and busy to achieve these targets/goals. They become more ambitious about their professional life. Maintain and raise their career and educational prestige. Modern education is time taking so people cross their golden age of marriage only seeking or education. After this they want proper job and increase their financial

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