Sirmit Tradition

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relationship to be the right order of things. Through notice that the tradition within som for example, he was modern in other aspects, when coming to husband-wife relationship he was completely traditional. He gives no voice to Simrit even in the ordinary decisions of everyday life: “Even their som had a veto. Not even about servants, she had dismissed the cook twice for drunkenness and bad behavior and som had kept him on.”
Sirmit was also a blend of both the tradition and modern elements. She wants individuality and freedom, feels suffocated and unhappy in the husband centre world and takes divorce from Som. Thus she rebels against the conventional security of marriage as she yearns for free communication of ideas with her husband beyond
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The sacred institution of marriage had also come under the impact of modernism. In traditional Indian society, marriage was arranged by the parents and after marriage the husband and the wife had to live with each other under all circumstances. It was considered to be a contract or bondage made in the presence of does which had to be obeyed. But in the modern society, people don’t believe in arranged marriages in the novel “the day in shadow”. Sirmit gets married to som, a businessman, against the will of her Brahmin parents. She remains unhappy with this marriage and ultimately takes divorce from her husband. After her divorce from Som, she plans to marry raj. So marriage in the modern society was fixed by man himself and not by god as it was thought in the traditional Indian society. Simrit was an educated woman who yearns for a free communication of ideas with her husband but feels isolated and ignored like a piece of furniture used only for physical comfort whenever needed by Som. She wants freedom, love, warmth, affection and understanding but som never bothers about her feelings. Som never understands that money can’t give her what she wants. Simrit was fed up with this life and takes divorce from her husband. Divorce had become quite easy in the modern days, the easiest one. Simrit says that it takes a year to get a Birla car, five to get a flat
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