Problems In The Modern World Essay

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Introduction: There are many problems that are related to the modern age that the girls present it in the class. I choose four of these problems to talk about it in this paper and they are the modern slavery, human organ trafficking, famine, and revolution that linked to social media. In this paper I will explain the four separate problems. Then I will write why did I choose them and why they are threatening the modern world. Modern slavery One of that most important problem that the modern world face is slavery. Slavery is a system or legal that treat people as property. A slave is a person who owned by another person and used for work. Also slave doesn’t have any rights, he only has duties to do. The term slave or slavery was invented…show more content…
Revolution is one of the most important problems in the world. In general revolutions happen because of many different reasons. However, the results of revolution are very bad and affect people, society and environment. One of the most important revolutions in the past is the French revolution that happens between 1789 – 1799. The cause of this revolution is the drought, the government debt, and political conflict. Revolutions until now are happing but not only because of political, debt, and drought. Now it happens because of technology. It starts in different ways. In the past group of people meet in a specific era in the country and ask for changes. However, now people do it with technology, then they met. Egyptian revolution is one example. It starts in 2011 by many types of social media, specifically the Facebook, twitter and text message to start the revolution. Then they met in the streets. The cause of this revolution is to change or overthrow the ruler Mubarak. So in general, using technology in making revolution has positive side. Positive because using technology speed information spreading, everyone is welcome in using technology, and it is the easiest way to increase international people’

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