Modern Society In The Giver As A Perfect Utopia

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The Giver Essay The society we live in is far from perfect, but is living in a society like in The Giver really ideal? While appearing a perfect utopia, filled with no worries and no problems, as you read deeper you reveal the true problems and how bad things have to be deep down, to portray a perfect world. Modern day society and The Giver society have many differences including rules, family, and jobs; however, there are still a few similarities between them. When it comes to rules, we practically have it easy. In a modern society we have rules and laws that keep us safe that are pretty easy to follow. Laws such as don’t commit murder, don’t kidnap, don’t illegally drink, do drugs, or steal other people’s property, and plenty more, to keep us safe and out of harm. Some punishments for failing to follow these laws are things like jail time, prison time, restriction from certain things, and possibly even death. However, rules in The Giver are harder to follow from our point of view. “They have rules like public apologies are required” (Lowry 3), “two children, one male, and one female per family unit” (Lowry 8), “children can’t ride bikes before they are nine” (Lowry 13), “bragging, rudeness, and asking questions are against everything they know” (Lowry 27), “and stirrings must be reported for treatment” (Lowry 37), “just to name a few.” “He remembered the cheerful little voice calling out “I want my snack!” the other threes, including jonas, had laughed nervously.

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