Modern Society In The Giver

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How is the society of the giver really that different from being a modern day society? When people try to create perfect societies, it creates mayhem! Our modern day society is far from a perfect society in the novel The Giver. While appearing perfect, Jonas’ society has many rules and laws under the surface that make it much more dangerous than modern day society.

Rules are different in Jonas’ society from ours. In jonas’ society the rules are very strict. . As shown in The Giver is precision of language is a very strict rule. One day when Jonas was three it was snack time and his best friend Asher said “I want my smack” instead of my mid day snack. The mistake was made , in the hands of the child's care worker was the discipline wand that whistled as it came down across Asher’s hand.(Lowry 55).This talk has been all about Jonas’
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In the giver they have things called family unit is consists of one mom, one dad, one girl, one boy. On page 8 it states “Two children-one male, one female- to each family unit”.(Lowry 8).This is not even the worst part the worst part is they assign children to their parents . In a modern day society we are allowed to have as many kids as we like. One bad part about this rule is that not everyone can take care of a kid, so then kids get put in houses called foster care its a system were twenty to sixty kid stay in one home looking to be adopted by anyone. Unlike the marriages in the giver modern marriages can consist of virtually anyone. Anyone can marry anyone for any reason. In the giver on page 48 it states “All of the factors disposition, energy level , intelligence and interests had to correspond and to interact perfectly”.(Lowry 48). In this community the matching of the spouses is given such a heavy weight and can take months or even years before a match is approved and announced.This is how family plays a big role in jonas’ society and are modern day
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