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The notion of modern state started emerging in the sixteenth century and with the span of time, this idea of modern state became universal through conquest and overpowering. Modern state, i.e. the enriched and the precise form of absolutist state aspires for the pursuit of central power in the state and makes its way regularized for the national system of power to get implemented. The concept of modern state has been there since the Westphalia Peace Treaty in the mC17. But even before that peace treaty, the similar form of state was there in the form of imperialism and there existed the princely states which used to be governed by the imperial authorities. Now with the formation of modern state the other forms of power structures has become weak and has now been exhausted.…show more content…
Since all modern states are nation states and under the umbrella of nation state, all the institutions, relevant offices, state policies and individual’s views should be on the same page or else otherwise the power, i.e. the one who’s responsibility is to maintain the state’s writ, i.e. the military would go and crush all the hurdles in order to preserve the state’s ideological as well as the geographical territory. The international law recognizes that the state can utilize its resources for the sake of its sovereignty within the given territory. If we take an example of our country, we find that despite of having diverse ethnical and cultural backgrounds we are still a modern nation state only because of religion. But the thing is that if we really want to form a modern state then we need to keep religion separate from the state since the very idea of modern state is to keep the state

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