Examples Of Posthumanism

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Transhumanists advocate the improvement of human capacities through advanced technology that helps eliminating disease, providing cheap but high-quality products to the world’s poorest, improving quality of life and social interconnectedness, expansion of life expectancy and so on. As modern science and technology have attained ever greater control over the tinniest structure of matter (at the atomic and sub-atomic level), the technological goals has become increasingly ambitious. In fact, new technologies make us happy in a long-lasting way - the Internet is a prime example. But how plausible is transhumanism? We know that in the 1930's, many sensible people were so certain that human beings would never get to the moon. This was just one of…show more content…
Posthumanism considers the possibility that historical phenomena (such as advances in technology and science or discoveries about animals) are leading to fundamental changes in the human species and its relationship with the world. In fact the term posthuman is used to describe the next stage of human development. In other words, we can use technology to transition ourselves to something beyond human. The fact is transhumanism reminds us that the human body and society can be systematically altered with technology. On the other hand, Posthumanism emphasizes the fact that while we use technology and consider its effect, we have to take into account the countless variables and voices that need to be heard. Those are from our everyday life such as, different ethnicities, genders, and classes to the extreme elements such as, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Animals, etc. Therefore, transhumanism and posthumanism, when defined in assimilation, integration and conjunction, both can draw a broader picture of humans, culture, and society that allows us to see that we are all trying to answer similar questions . Given the current trend of continued developments of advanced of science and technologies, foreseeable occurrence of posthuman is now being widely discussed and invoked as…show more content…
In fact, our nature as human beings has fundamentally changing by the advancement of technology. We are likely to see that in the next half century or so, the relationship between human and machine would be redefined in a profound way. Think for a while, how we lead our everyday lives, what lead us to make our day. The simple answer is: we have been profoundly integrating technology into our daily lives. Our society has embraced technology by necessity. How we conduct business; do everyday work in office and outside; organize social gatherings, do shopping; share intimate moments and fall in love, even wage war and revolutions; how we produce art, science and literature; share ideas and experiences, and what not – all has been redefined by the use of technology. Information sharing is a notable example as to how it works. This human activity is performed by billions of people in the world via digital medium, which did not exist a generation ago. Although the machine code is virtual and intangible, the information conveyed is real and meaningful. Surprisingly, the information we share, with others simultaneously around the globe, travels at the speed of light. Technology has become the means for all of these things that make us human, without which we are not human. Christopher Phillips said: “Welcome to the future. You are now living in an era of trans-human technology
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