Modern Technology Disadvantages

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In this modern age, everything develops quickly. It started from establishments and businesses flourishing to the invention of more practical ways to communicate. Businesses are now mainly focused on the younger market where social networking sites, video and photo displaying sites are easily sold. But in every rise of some sort, lie a number of disadvantages. The enhancement of communication means such as Celphones, availability of satellite calls, online chat rooms and video streaming is beneficial to every individual as they have improved and hastened any difficulties in the past. However, this powerful source of connection has become a medium for dishonest and impious people to do their wrongful deeds. This circumstance becomes frightening and unsafe to every citizen. In this regard, it…show more content…
This is why these signs are meant for society to be known. This helps ensure the safety of every person in a certain country. It is helpful to always keep in mind that a stranger is still a stranger and that no matter how good-looking or friendly they seem, it is imperative to take note that wrongdoers do not always look dangerous at all. Stalkers have amplified nowadays with the use of modern and high technology. It is therefore, even more important to be careful with accepting friend requests from people you do not personally know, posting public pictures on your account page or setting meet-ups with a stranger. People should put to mind that the first line of defense is to prevent putting oneself in danger. On the other hand, if a stalker was able to get a hold of you without your possible mistake of meeting them –then it is time to let the law address this problem. Remember to always be careful and to keep your personal lives private and far from the view of the public’s eye. This will help lessen the chances of meeting a stalker and will keep you and your loved ones out of
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