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Now days technology i sour new world and it is important to be adapted. Many of the things that we have is thanks to the technology. Imagine the entire world having a good use of technology, with responsibility and careful. The people´s life could be easier and better in all fields such as education, with technology, the education will be an innovation, many of the things that we know, will be so different because students will get more knowledge.

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a) Our ancestors did not have the modernity that we have in the present. Now days, our lives are a lot of easier that before, because, we have computers, cellphones, etc. people could use them for communication, homework or navigate on internet. For this reason, this makes a big difference on the activities we have daily while in the past life it was much more complicated because they did not have the internet and
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It is important to know how to use it, principally, for those who are new in the new era and do not know anything about technology, primarily, adult people because they do not grew up with the technology, like kids in the present, they do.
b) Technology is a very big and complicated topic to talk about and to learn about it, because it is very extensive. For this reason, to learn how to use it requires intelligence. Computers and intelligent phones have many useful functions that can make our lives easier and in seconds. Above all, first of all, we should know how to do this, because it is kind of different do the things on the real life and in the technological life.
c) People who know how to use technology in a 100%, like kids in the present who grew up with this, should teach to another people to know how to use it with responsibility and knowledge. As a result of this, people who do not know how to use technology will have the same opportunities than the other ones.

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