Modern Technology In Education Essay

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Education is important to each in everyone such that it is one of the rights of every person most especially the children. Also it serves as the tool that can or may be used for a better future or a better life ahead and for the attainment of success of oneself which may take a lot of help for the improvement and development of the society. It is used to be the stepping stone for it plays an important role to humn life.
As a future educator/teacher it is really important for me to know, explore and learn more about if what are the good and bad effects of the modern technology in the education for I may be or for I will be able to find and think of different or variety of style, techniques, and strategies that I can or may use when I am already
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Also they learn more through having activities like an assignment, project, portfolio, slogan and poster making and any other instructional practices which requires the student or the learner to create and think of their own idea, because they enjoy doing such things manually.
If there are traditional learners there are also online learners who used to learn more often through the used of the modern technology. This kind of students usually learn on their own that has something to do with self discovery. Like for example they want to know something they do it by theirselves in which they choose to scroll and surf on the internet which sometimes caused them or lead them to misunderstanding rather than to read a text book or any reading material that can be found in the school library.
Educators and students quite find theirselves challenged with the learning environment created by the modern technology. So students and so with teachers need to have or must have the discipline with theirselves, a motivation, and must have to practice how to manage their time wisely by then, they are most likey to succed in learning throgh the help of

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