Essay On Technopoly

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The development of technology has become quicker and more efficient. People use technology more in their than ever before. In the book, Technopoly, Neil Postman shares his idea that Technopoly has and will take over society in the future. Not only is there Technopoly but also Tehnocracy. The advance technology has the ability to change lives, which can be bad for the ones who depend of it to much. Neil Postman stated that technocracy allowed us to stray away from tradition and also evolved the world more rapidly. In today’s society, people can be sharing their exact location with there friends or posting pictures on facebook of where they just came back from. Postman goes on to explain the cultural impact of printing (E. Eisenstein), and lines up printing, telegraphy, photography, broadcasting and computers as the technological culture-changers giving us access to instant, indiscriminate information. The result is that we accommodate ourselves to new technology in the brave new world where technological progress has become the chief aim of life (70). The availability to access the Internet is endless because now many places have wifi. Having…show more content…
They attack the culture and bid to become the culture” (Postman 28). “The clock, the printing press, and the telescope are the three technologies Postman uses to illustrate the effect of new technologies on world view, creating a separation between moral and intellectual values” (Postman 31). Today, we can use the information provided by Galileo and his first studies to understand the stars and their position. Instead of using a bulky telescope, people can stand had rise their Ipad or phone to the sky and view it from their. The clock went from telling time using hands to digital numbers on an apple watch. Many people can’t tell time unless it is printed digitally. Technology is not always helpful but could be
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