Modern Technology: The Impact Of Technology In Our World

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Nowadays,there are many modern technologys around us that have on by human either the old generations or young generations.Are they have affected us espicially our creativity and communication?Of course,yes!Every things around us can be affect us either be possitive or be negative.So,we must be intelligent user by realizing and have many knowledge about the things.From Betrand Russell,”the good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Among the impacts possitive of depedence on technologyis can make new friend and connect with people from far away.We can chat with them by the apps in the smartphone.For instance,Whatsapps,Wechat,Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.Although they’re far from us,but we still can chat with them without meet them face to face.We can make our new friends from any countries in the world like Indonesia,Thailand,Australia and China.It can help us to attract them to visit our lovely country,Malaysia by telling them about the interesting place in Malaysia.So that,we can catch their eye as easy as ABC.Cosequencly,our country’s economy willl increase from year to year. In addition,they help to protect our environment by creating the technology like hybrid car,solar energy,hydroelectic dam and others.It not only protect our environment from pollution,it also save our money from wasted.Thus,our developmentof country prepared many institute and college to train and teach our

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