Modern Technology: The Internet's Effect On Literature

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If we contemplate a time when the internet would not have any effect on literature, it would be inconceivable .Today’s modern technology and advancements have affected the literature of the era. Although Internet is not the most dependable source of reading; it is by far the most easy and user-friendly approach to the material we have thirst for. As of 2015, the year’s data show a slight decline in the number of American adults who read print books: 63% of American adults say they read at least one book in print in the past year, compared with 69% who said the same the year before and 71% in 2011. [1]This decrease can be directly linked with the increased use of internet, kindle, e-books, audio books etc. Although it seems that literature,…show more content…
The internet has spawned various writing communities, including forums and blogs. Blogging is a revolution that is changing politics, business, and almost every aspects of our life; it has given an opportunity for the wider participation and interactivity of the normal citizen. But with a lack of good editorial oversight and the huge, ever-increasing number of bloggers, the quality of content is not concerned. Today anyone can express their thoughts and opinions with ease and make their view count. In history, change is uncommon, and the internet is just one leap in the way humans read. Change is a natural phenomenon in a society, and the way we read is no exception. Many teenagers who hate reading, spend hours reading blogs and Facebook…show more content…
The author of the poem Homage to Cicero says “Writing with electronic devices has affected structure, research and editing. Users today misuse the advantages given to us and transcript someone else’s thoughts and publish them as their own. Writing with word processors has give a new organization to shaping sentences but it has also given pliability; paragraphs can be changed, deleted and edited with ease. But this technology has given way to increased plagiarism and questions about censorship and privacy.
Previously, reading was an act of silence, with most residue of the process cinched in the book. Unfortunately this virtue is not found on the internet. The concern is that the whole design is unorthodox as compared to the other forms of print. With all the distractions on a site, like advertisements and flashy pop-ups, one is unable to easily enjoy an
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