Analysis Of The Poem 'Heir Conditioning'

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First of all, we should take time to observe things that changes around us especially the changes in technologies. It is great to have modern technologies in order to help us to do our chores as fast as lightning but if we think realistically, people nowadays tend to depend on technologies and they keep on saying that they could not lives without it. But, why people who live in ancient times could survive without the help of modern technologies? This is because we can get the answer in poem ‘Heir Conditioning’ written by M. SHANmughalingam. The part that has touches my heart is when the grandfather respond to his grandchild queries by explaining that life was simple during their times as they did not have to deal with problems such as pollution, traffic jams and the destruction of the environment that causes by modern technologies. Based on this, we are going to discuss about how people’s dependence on technology has affected creativity…show more content…
For example, teenagers would use Google to find idea in order to draw scenery pictures that their teacher asks for. But unfortunately, they just copying the scenery pictures exactly the same in the Internet and this has affect their creativity to think beyond. Yes, it is true that their work quality is awesome but for me it is not fantastic if we just copying others idea directly from the Internet as it is not our original idea. At this point, we could see that technologies greatly affected the development of teenagers’ creativity. As a result, teenagers may be lazier in the future and this is not parallel to the vision of Malaysian Government to see more students to have abilities in high order thinking skills
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