Modern Times Film Analysis

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Modern Times (1936)
1. Modern Times was written and directed by Charlie Chaplin in 1936. Modern Times is a silent film filled with sound effects and with a blend of comedy and social drama. This film is clearly set within the context of the Great Depression. Different elements of the movie portrayed the disparate difficulties of life in that era. One major theme is about the difficulty of life during those years, food and job were hard to find, For example, in the film Chaplin is released from jail and he begins to look for a job and finds work as a factory worker, shipyard worker, and night watchman in a department store and as a singer waiter. But his goal was to be back in jail because he had a better life there than being in the real world. During that time of the great depression, Americans had to fight for what they had, and as the film showed many people went hungry. In the beginning, of the movie Chaplin and many other people are working in a factory very hard to be able to survive, but they are being pressured by their boss because all they cared about was for them to keep up with the work, the workers had to work at the same pace as the machines.
A.) The Narrative of the movie was well connected to the each scene and very understandable. It goes from Chaplin working at a factory, to being a watchman and last to being a singer waiter, without losing the message that Chaplin wants to show to society through the movie. Which is to show individuals how

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