Modern Values In Bhutan

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In 1616 Zhabdrung arrived in Bhutan, so he realized that Bhutan needs to separate the identity to differentiate from the neighboring countries particularly with Tibet. Many exclusive customs, Traditions were created to highlight the unique ways of Bhutanese life to the outside world. Bhutan has made vast change in the development. So this affects difference between the revered traditional values and appealing modern values. The Modernization has therefore imposed modern values over gradually fading traditional values of Bhutan. Bhutanese people nowadays work hard but they don’t realize that Bhutan is losing our traditional values in terms of dress code, culture and conserving our tradition. Bhutanese society is witnessing the change in the values that has been surrounded in us by the forefathers. However, this is under threat due to the important blending of modern values into its society (Cline, 2011). Modern technology such as Internet and social media and then incorporated into the lifestyle of the Bhutanese people. The Government of Bhutan is struggling to implement rules to preserve Bhutan’s rich and various cultural heritage but efforts are opposed by modern influence. In the case of school, students are not to allow to wear pants and shirts. They are rules that all students have to wear the National dress to school Youth of Bhutan influenced by the change and convenience that modernization provides the older generations on the other hand hold traditional values and

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