Modern Villains Research Paper

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It is the 21st century and we have suffered so much in the past that our reward is world peace….which means no more villains! Oh, how we wish that statement is true! The reality is, we still have villains roaming around, still doing vicious actions. Such a bummer right? Some villains today are even trying to do the same thing that villains do! Wait, which villain am I talking about? Well, talking about two villains can be confusing especially when they are both named as “villains,” so we will name the villains today as the “Modern Villains.” But first of all, what makes a modern villain and how are they different from villains from the past?
Before we get to the phrase “Modern Villain,” we need to define what villain means first. In most dictionaries, it says that a villain is “a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot.” Now we know what a villain is, we can make assumptions about what a modern villain is. Villains do evil doings and show no sympathy or empathy to everything. For example, Pol Plot is a Khmer political leader in Cambodia who did the genocide that killed millions of Cambodians. This piece of information is the reason why Pol Plot is a magnificent
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Do we still have to do something to call ourselves a modern villain? Yes, we do, and we need the minds of the people around us. When people hear or see the word villain, they first thought of the word “evil.” People believe that stealing belongings, killing somebody, or just being mean in general is a cruel act that villains do. As a matter of fact, modern villains are able to do that today and some of them are smart enough to hide it from the eyes of the public. In “Black Men and The Public Space,” white individuals supposed every black human is a corrupt and wicked being. If nearly every human in this universe thinks you are sinful, then you are qualified to become a full-fledged
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