Modern Violence: The Effects Of Violent Video Games

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Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, and halo are all fun violent video games, but can they tempt your mind to do crazy and bad things. Unfortunately, this does happen in people as young as 12. Violent video games are changing the world and unluckily for them it affects children the most. Violent video games very much contribute to youth violence, because many perpetrators of mass shootings played violent video games, by inhabiting violent characters in video games children are more likely to imitate the behaviors of these characters and might have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, and finally the U. S Military uses violent video games to teach troops to kill and many are playing games even more violent than the ones the U. S military uses.…show more content…
Some parents teach their kids to not do violent acts, and play video games so violent, because they might do wrong from it. Unfortunately, for some nothing comes out of all the teaching. A twelve year old boy, who loved to watch violent content opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun at a middle school. Killing a teacher, wounding two students, then turning the gun on himself. An FBI school shooter threat assessment stated “A student who makes threats of violence should be considered more credible if he or she spends abnormal amounts of time playing violent video games. Teenage shooters in the 1999 high school massacre played violent video games. It’s not just young kids it’s also teenagers. James Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner, and Anders Breivik were all adults involved in mass shootings. And every one of them admitted to using Modern Warfare 2 for training. Not only does this happen in kids and teenagers, the video games are so mind tricking even some adults are fooled into doing violent acts they should’ve known not to
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