Modern Warfare: The Mongols

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The Mongols were a group of people that were vicious, ruthless, and successful. They conquered many different lands that varied greatly. While they accomplished many things they are often believed to be nothing more than savages. This is proven by a Persian historian when he says that the Mongols came, they burnt, killed, pillaged, and left. However they accomplished much more that should be recognized. The Mongols had their own religion, brought a large variety of people together, and their techniques are the basis for modern warfare training. The Mongols were more than ruthless pillagers; they were just upholding their religion. “I asked them about their belief; and in few words, they believe nothing. They began to tell me, that they…show more content…
“Extremely mountainous, in others it is some districts there are small woods, but otherwise is it bare of trees...Not one hundredth part of the land is fertile, nor can it bear...” (1.4, 16). This quote shows the harshness of the Mongols homelands and the main reason that they were forced to pillage the lands that they fought. While their homelands were horrendous, it was a blessing in disguise for them. By living in such hard conditions the Mongols were more adaptable to the environment, giving them a huge advantage on the people that they fought. With their adaptability they were able to go longer without food, they would take longer to tire, and were able to fight in almost any weather. All of these examples can be connected to modern military training and tactics. Modern day troops must undergo…show more content…
It is vital for modern day troops to be able to fight in any condition, to be able to defend and have advantages over enemies.
The Mongols were ruthless, vicious, and very successful in their time. Conquering a vast amount of land and people, proving that they were the very best. However they did not just “burn, kill, destroy, pillage, and leave” as most initially think. The Mongols were not just ruthless warriors and accomplished much more that should be recognized. The Mongols were an independent group that did what most others could not by bringing a variety of people together and unifying them, maintaining their religion, and being the role model for military
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