Modern Woodman Stadium Analysis

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One of the greatest reasons to live in the Quad Cities is because it is home to the best minor league ballpark in the world, Modern Woodman. Modern Woodman was voted the "best minor league ballpark" in America by the readers of USA Today and and the Midwest League 's best ballpark by Baseball America (“Modern Woodmen Park”). This ballpark is the oldest stadium still continuously used by a minor league baseball team (“Modern Woodmen Park”). The park used to be called Municipal Stadium when it opened on May 26, 1931, to a crowd of 3000 people (“Modern Woodmen Park”). In August of 2002 the stadium went into a major renovation, which included 20 climate controlled luxury suites, new clubhouses for both home and away teams, batting cages, 2 picnic areas, two team stores, a sports lounge, and a video scoreboard (“Modern Woodmen Park”). Some things have stayed the same throughout the years though, such as the breathtaking view of the mississippi flowing under the centennial bridge viewable from the ballpark (“Modern Woodmen…show more content…
Modern Woodmen has kept renovating through the years to keep it at the number one spot, and in 2014, they decided to install a 105-foot tall ferris wheel, the first ferris wheel ever placed in a minor league stadium (“Modern Woodmen
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