Modernisation Theory: The Limitations Of Modernization Theory

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Modernisation theory was introduce with the aim of economic growth and social change by the western regions. In this essay, the writer discuss the limitations of modernisation theory, to explore these issues the writer will attempt to argue from deferent perspectives that the strengths are outwaited by severe limitations. Then will focus on highlighting the modernisation theory limitations which are ideological, colonialism empirical, and methodological. And conclude by agreeing on the fact that modernisation theory victimise the periphery countries.
Modernisation theory summary
Modernisation theory is a theory used to explicate the process of modernization that a nation drives through as it vagaries from a traditional society
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The assumption to which much of modernization theory is centred is that, in the words of one author (Shils, 1965: 10), "modern" means being Western without the burden of dependence on the West '. By arising the attributes of 'modernity ' from a generalized image of Western society, and then positing the acquisition of these attributes as the standard of modernization, modernization theorists have tried to force the analysis of non- Western societies into 'the Procrustes bed of the European experience ' (Jensen,2001,p221). This effort that is done by modernization theorists to universalize historically detailed values and establishments arising from Western societies may be understood in part at least as a means by which fledgling students of the 'underdeveloped areas ' could resolve the cognitive crises they…show more content…
In spite of its significance, the level of limitation rise .Black(1966) currently argue that, when the notion of modernisation theory is defined as referring to the adaptation of institution to the first-time increase in mans knowledge over the environment .that accompanied the scientific revolution. Collins (1996) argues that failure to identify a common set of effective criteria for application of the term society, Imposes severe limitations to the usefulness of idea of traditional society and modern society.
It is clear that the third world countries were the victims of modernisation theory. As they had to trade with the western nations (capitalists). They had to abandon their cultures and values in order for them to become gain economic growth. Modernisation theory was not effective. To support this the theory was attacked by dependency theory.

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