Modernism And Postmodernism Analysis

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The 20th century literary scene of England saw the appearance of a new movement that reflected the transition to modern culture, whose change can be attributed to new discoveries of science and technology. This movement is called Modernism and it is a side effect of the cultural and economic adjustment to the transformation of Western society. Specific theories and premises that emerged during that time stimulated people’s mind and imagination, promting them to abandon old convetions and create something new. The main focus of Modernist literature is on metaphysics, which is caused by a sense of dread towards a cultural crisis. Postmodernism is a reaction to Modernism and it rejects and challenges almost every notion established by Modernism, but it also adopts and transforms some of them. Postmodernism attributes everything to chance while Modernism focuses on cause and effect, Modernists focus on the objective while Postmodernist on the subjective. Postmodern movement puts emphasis on freedom and liberty, it lacks structure and puts emphasis on anarchy, the belief is that everything happens by chance and not by design. It rejects the realist ideology, opting for a more free and fictional style of writing and also uses satire to make fun of contemporaries. It also focuses on the hypocritical nature of the society that puts pressure and discriminates human beings of different culture, social, sexual and ethnic groups. It is difficult to establish the exact emergence of

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