Modernism And Postmodernism

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The purpose of this research is a comparative study of the two selected architects which both were philosophical opponents of Modernism and Postmodernism expressed their own exclusive architectural designs. These two architects respectively are Mies Van der Rohe and Robert Venturi. Mies Van der Rohe was more looking for simple design with functionality and rationality. In this case, this report studies his architectural work, Farnsworth house which demonstrate his philosophy. Moreover, Robert Venturi tends to refer to style and tradition belief, so the philosophy of him being defined through his architectural work, Vanna Venturi House. Although, both of them are forces that have been in competition but actually that are part of a flow in same direction, a flow of social concept movement has threat the approach of individual. The analysis will conclude with a discussion on how Mies and Venturi are reactions in their respective work with their own philosophy and the social concept from different era.
Keywords: Modernism, Postmodernism, Mies Van de Rohe, Robert Venturi, Social Change, Cultural Contexts

Postmodernism and Modernism are a movement in philosophy that belief was not something that exists and can be replaced but it was something that created by social and cultural context. (, 2014) Modernism was a reaction to Postmodernism and Postmodernism reaction to the next generation era. Despite of the architectural styles,
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