Modernism And Postmodernism

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Concept and styles Postmodernism continued a set of styles and attitudes that was set against modernism. It was new an approach to popular culture and mass media in the 1960s. A wave of art movements were presented and experimented with image, spectacle, aesthetic codes, originality, and the viewer’s involvement in the art.

High and low culture High culture defined as traditional fine arts such as sculpture and paintings. It is to critique authenticity, class and quality of the art. It is used to differentiate the different types of media in art from low, popular, mass-produced, magazines and television. A modernist, Greenburg, discussed that art should be reserved to transform the society. In response to Greenburg, other modernists embraced “popular” and made the most important part of their work. Pop artists recreated pieces from consumerism but added humor and irony into the forms. Low culture was defined as magazines, television and other mass commodities. Modernists considered low culture to be inferior to high culture. However, postmodernists believed that high culture was inferior instead. Therefore pop art was the first post-modernist movement. It was made out of ordinary objects such as hamburgers, tins of soups and comic strips. Pop artists started to screen-print art on object such as mugs, paper bags and t-shirts. Not only was this a way to market their artwork, it was also an example of originality and authenticity of this type of art.
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