Modernism And Romanticism

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Lebanese University Faculty of Letters-Branch II English Literature & Language Department

Romanticism and James Joyce in A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man Prepared by Tracy Chamoun

Submitted in partial fulfillment of Modern Novel course Dr. May Maalouf

Fanar, Fall 2016-2017
0. Literature Review: Modernism, a period in English literature, which spread from almost the beginning of the twentieth century up till 1965; this period was considered revolutionary due to Modernists writer’s love for experimentation and individualism. Various critics have claimed that Modernism has its roots in some Romantic ideologies since many of the themes picked up by Modernist writers have been discussed before in Romanticism. Nevertheless, other critics discussed how Modernist authors attempt to reject some of the Romantic views; for example Modernists care little for Nature, Being, or overarching structures of history. Cristina Flores Moreno considers that Joyce as a Modernist was never fully against Romanticism instead she felt as though Joyce had abandoned Romanticism for modernism as he matured. Many believed A Portrait to be an in between stage where Joyce marked his development into Modernism which was shown later in

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