Modernism Characteristics Of Gustav Klimt

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The piece I have selected to represent the of modernism characteristics is Gustav Klimt’s portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer 1, which was painted in 1907. This piece demonstrates art nouveau and symbolism styles. Modernism was the movement to believed that art mattered beyond its material value. The style embraced many different art movements, from hyperrealism, pure abstract, classical painting and sculpture through art nouveau to Bauhaus and pop art. This included the development of collage art and other forms of assemblage together with various styles of kinetic art. Various genres of photography, and development of performance art. This school included animation and film. The use of different mediums such as items affixed to canvases or found objects incorporated in sculpture defined this period. The earlier period of modern art saw the development of various schools, including impressionism, realism, academic art, romanticism, and symbolism. 1916 the Dada movement was launched with a strong desire to subvert the value system that has led to the Verdun and the Somme. The expressive use of colour was also first exploited in a major way. This period is in some ways summed up by the idea of progress always being a positive development and as a result a feeling of optimism. The idea of knowledge of the true self as the only foundation of all other knowledge prevaded. Intellectually there was the power of reason over ignorance, order over disorder and science over

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