Modernism In Blood Wedding

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“Modernism in the play Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca brought out through theme of Fate and Nature.” The play Blood wedding, set in the city of Spain during the age of modernism dating back to the 1930’s is written by the Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca. The beauty of the time has been brought out in the form of nature and appallingly chronological events of destiny. It talks about the time when adultery and abortion were considered evils and women were chastised for obliging but men were acquitted for the same. This implies the making of a very misogynistic society with philosophies of modernism touching the Spanish ethos. The misogynistic society of the twentieth century was one of partisan phantasmagorias and traditionalist…show more content…
The bull is a significant symbol in the play and this is evident through, Page 52 "The wedding looms like a bull in the ring!" the wedding symbolizes a bull fight and that indicates to both the men being bulls chasing their target, the bride. Lorca has used the bull to foreshadow the death of the men, it is implied when they die in a duel using a knife comparable to a spade used by a matador to kill a bull. Leonardo can be seen as symbolic to the bull because of his temper and strength. The bull represents strength and it is ironic how both the men have a vendetta going on since ages and yet are fighting for the same…show more content…
The forests symbolize the family heritage and ‘family trees’ but it is ironic that both the men die in the woods and thus the family falls apart. "The blood…earth", is symbolic that the forest forgives, it brings in blood imagery and the nature is omnipotent in form of the stark setting and fate is challenged in the forest. Leonardo has also made evident his guilt, “-Page 85,"Be quiet… breath easily". It is symbolic of the fact that Leonardo is sinful and he feels like he is cheating his family. In the age of modernism the writer has induced into the mind of the reader many such symbols of the time and subtly yet intricately listed out their role in the

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