Modernism In Esperanza Rising

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The novel Esperanza Rising, written by Pam Munoz Ryan, tells the story of a young girl named Esperanza Ortega who goes from riches to rags. The story takes place in Aguascalientes, Mexico, starting out in the Ortega’s wealthy home in the 1930s and ending in a camp for immigrants in Arvin, California. The Great Depression, one of the deepest and long-lasting downturns in economic history, was also taking place during the time of the story, though the Great Depression did not affect the Ortega’s daily life. Esperanza, a 12 year old gifted and wealthy girl, lives on el Rancho de los Rosas in Mexico with her Papa, Mama, Abuelita, and several servants and workers. One day, while Papa is out working on the fields, he gets killed by bandits leaving…show more content…
No one had the newest technology, because frankly, no one cared. Technology could have helped Mama get a job, and strive for a better life for her family. Instead, the Ortega’s had to work hard in the field everyday and come home to a home that falling apart before their eyes.
The novel Esperanza Rising has some of the Modernism traits as well as some of the Postmodernism traits such as all religions are valid, ownership, rationalization, and playfulness throughout the story.

In 2000, when Ryan wrote Esperanza Rising, nothing really big was going on at the time. Pam Munoz Ryan is half mexican, which inspired her to write this book. Ryan ha received many awards that reflect her writing such as the NEA’s Human and Civil Rights Award, the Virginia Hamilton Literary Award, and the Ludington Award for body of work.

Esperanza Rising is book for all ages with its realistic details, believable backstory, and vivid imagery like no other! Ryan recreates an authentic Mexican scene with vivid imagery and descriptions, metaphors, and putative thoughts of each character. Everything about Esperanza Rising is completely accurate and nothing contradicts one another. This novel is an amazing book to cuddle up with and read, it has suspense and really leaves me on the edge of my
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