Modernism In Metamorphosis

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Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka was a very deliberate read. When reading the literature many examples of modernism were exemplified. Metamorphosis demonstrates many qualities of modernism through the main character, Gregor Samsa, who suffers from a transformation into an insect which led to feelings of alienation, hopelessness, and internal conflicts. As a character, Gregor Samsa had many qualities that make him different. The first sentence of the literature made my face snarl. How could this have happened to this poor guy? When I keep reading many things become apparent. Gregor was someone who suffered from emotional hardships and alienation. All his life Gregor wanted to support and make his family happy. He was always striving for his father’s…show more content…
Through the story, Kafka let us understand the consciousness or Gregor. We were able to understand what he was thinking. The language of the literature was confusing and fragmental. This made it very hard to understand at times. There was always a deeper meaning to what the author was trying to get across. Within the literature, there was also predominant themes. Gregor had a loss of meaning, loss of hope, and alienation. When he became an insect he suffered from alienation from his family. At the end, he ended up leaving the family for the family’s sake. Gregor also lost all hope because he was not able to help his family out with financial needs. Even though Gregor probably did not realize it, his transformation helped his family out. It forced his father to get a job. This led to him looking better physically and providing for the family. Many stories during the modernist era were very sad and unpleasant. Modernism and Metamorphosis explained that people during the modernist era did not want to ready happy and successful pieces of work because they could not achieve that in their daily lives. Other characteristics of Modernism include Gregor’s work problems. He was a travel salesmen. This led to him unable to create friendships. I think he also uses this as an excuse. He feels obligated to take care of his family financially. I do not think he minds at first, however, he begins to feel like it is a
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