Modernism In Mrs. Dalloway

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The chapter opens with Mrs Clarissa Dalloway, one of the main characters, going to buy flowers for her party. Along the way her thoughts travel back and forth from the past to the present giving us an insight into the complex nature of her character. Mrs Dalloway will also think about the various characters that had an impact on her life most importantly Richard Dalloway and Peter Walsh. Through this scene we will get a perception of her state of mind and the conflicts that she has with her own personality. This novel compared to others, which consist of chapters, have sections. According to critics this novel contains twelve sections and this extract is from section 1. In Woolf 's diary, her goal was to move steadily away from traditional forms of fiction. As Chazal stated “This movement was also a revolution that was against the value of realism specially its traditions.” In my opinion the fact that this particular novel is in sections allow for a fluid unfolding of a double narrative; we as readers tend to get more connected whilst reading it. Getting readers connected with the novel which was important in that period of modernism; authors were trying to make people feel reconnected after the First World War. This extract starts with simplistic sentences pointing at the place where Mrs Dalloway is at that point in time. There is an element of modernism right at the beginning of the paragraph: “…looking at the omnibuses in Piccadilly.” (pg.8) The word omnibuses
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