Modernism In Trifles

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Susan Keating Glaspell was born on july 1, 1876. She grows up with nature and labour. She takes good impressions from her and her father’s people and then she finds later them in her works. She is known as an intelligent child in every one of her age. She studied philosophy from Drake University in Des Moines. She had always the hopes to be a writer one day. After the graduation, she began to write for news in 1899. She was a journalist but at the same time she was writing short stories. In 1912, she gathered her stories and published these stories “Lifted Masks”. Then she began to write novels.
Susan and her husband founded a group whose name was “The Province Town Players.” They created a huge effect on American drama. She won a prize for Drama for Alison’s House while her divorce time. In every situation, she continued to write. She rejected the ordinary things in life. In time, she has became the most important and influential playwrights.
In american drama, she represents modernism. Drama is individualised. Glaspell has an minimalist attitude in her work. She is brief and so her famous work Trifles is a one-act play. Trifles has been written to prove feminity. It has become the apple of the eye for readers. It creates a powerful impression and meaning. She rejects male-dominant society. She doesn’t want society to think that a woman can make nothing without a man in their life. So she seeds the feminism.
Firstly it is known that Trifles means vain, redundant. And
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