Modernism In Urdu Literature

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The Paper has explored the application of postmodernist theories in the context of Urdu fiction. The paper applies the terms like deconstruction, extension, differance to suggest the postmodern elements in selected Urdu fiction with a concern for alterity as reflected in the selected novels.

Keywords.Culture, tradition, transition, shift, meaning, contexts, milieu.

Postmodernism in Urdu Fiction

Post Modernism and Modernism: a host-parasite relationship Modernism and Post Modernism have been the two dominant theories in the last fifty odd years and much of the creative writings in all literature have been analyzed and reviewed against the parameters of the two said literary theories. Modernism though surrendered the initiative under the onslaught unleashed by the votaries of Post Modernism and the eponymous character of the critics in the recent past. Today in retrospect it might be deemed an exercise in construction to take into account some of the novels and short stories written in Urdu literature and determine their relevance in terms of the theories of the day. Modernism breathed its last in the last half of the 20th century after serious deliberations on the mundane and existential nature of human drama with alienation being its hymn. Altaf Hussain Hali , Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and ShibliNomani, the exponents of Modernism in Urdu literature though the benchmark of their time are relegated to the background in the context of the time much the same way as

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