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New forms of expression are shown through modernism. The modernism era began in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, after World War I. the studies that fostered modernism were psychological studies, physiological studies and studies in political theories, which can be shown through things like art. What makes modern art different from other art forms are the use of bright colors, new technologies and new materials.

One of the important movements in modernism is the movement of Impressionism, which took place between the 1870 's and the 1880 's. Impressionism started the idea of taking light and color to create a more
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In addition to Monet, Renoir was also a dominant painter in the Impressionism era of Modernism. The use of bright colors and the focus on real and intimate ideas of human nature are what made Renoir 's paintings so extraordinary. Similar to Monet, Renoir also used forms of textured brushwork to exemplify his real environment.
Vincent van Gogh is another artist in the Impressionism era of Modernism. Van Gough was born in the Netherlands on March 30, 1853. It was important to him to incorporate his emotional and spiritual thoughts through his paintings. He uses the apparent brushstrokes of luminous colors to show his style of artwork. Throughout each one of his paintings, he shows us how he interpreted the world the way he saw and felt about it.
The last greatly significant artist in the Impressionism era was Paul Cezanne, who was a European artist born in Occitania on January 19, 1839. His paintings reflected his view of nature and how he experienced it through his use of colors and form. His distinct brushstrokes showed his creative way of how he made his paintings instead of the uniform structure of painting it.
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