Modernism Short Story

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The Development of the modern short story

The modern short story suffered a change between 1800 and 1890, a rise which was concurrent with the emergence of literary modernism. Between the formal properties and the capacities of the short story and the new ways of representing the social world displayed in modernist fiction, and the concern with formal innovation, there are various connections, which happen to be more than circumstantial.
Modernism and the short story had meaningful implications in terms of literary history, and in defining the role of fiction-making in the twentieth century. It is known for the compression of time and the dependence on symbolism. The essence in literary modernism is sheathed in the short story, with its abiding
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She was a leading New Zealand writer, born and raised in New Zealand and wrote under the pseudonym Katherine Mansfield. At the age of 19, Katherine left New Zealand and moved to Britain, where she became friends with modernist writers such as D. H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf. In the year of 1917 she was diagnosed with extrapulmonary tuberculosis, which led to her early death at the age of…show more content…
Biography of Virginia Woolf
Adeline Virginia Woolf was born on January 25, 1882, and deceased on March 28, 1941, in England. Virginia became one of the most important writers of the twentieth century when it comes to the invigorating process of modernism, and a true pioneer of stream of consciousness as a device to narrative.
Curiously, Virginia was home-schooled for the better part of her childhood, mostly in English classics and Victorian literature. She published her first novel The Voyage Out in 1915, and later became one of the central subjects of feminist criticism, a movement that erupted in the 1970s, after already being a significant figure in London literary society.
She passed away after suffering from various bouts of mental illness throughout her life, ending with her taking out her own life by drowning, at the age of 59. There is an interesting quote from her, where she states: “You cannot find peace by avoiding life”, and she unfortunately could not find peace herself.
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