Compare And Contrast Islamic Modernism

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Islamic Modernism and Islamism were two new streams of Islamic thought which emerged after the decline of European colonialism. Both of these movements had well defined and different visions. In the 1800s, new Western influence was widespread throughout the Islamic World. The Ottoman Empire faced a long decline characterized by financial problems by Western foreign that powers took advantage of to manipulate the decaying empire. The Wahhabi Movement and Egyptian independence marked the beginning of new reform as the Islamic world braced itself for the twentieth century. Young Ottomans pushed for secular European education and a constitutional monarchy. They achieved a stronger military and a modernized transportation infrastructure. European colonialism lead to the…show more content…
Islamic modernism is defined by an ideology that borrows many parts of Western culture in the changes they want to make. Islamists borrow far less parts of Western culture and favor a traditional view on most topics. Islamists and Modernist thinkers both aim to write eloquently in a Western style. Intending to appeal and gain the support of as many people as possible. Modernists seek to make Islam fit in with the ideals and practices of the modern world. Modernists are more in support of European modernity across the Islamic world, while Islamists seek an Islamic state. Islamic Modernism has always recognized the harm and oppression caused by European colonialism. Islamic Modernism was able to stay true to many of the fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam. Modernists were able to attempt to spread the Western ideals they believed would help. Islamists on the other hand, believed European colonialism was the main source of corruption, and other troubles that plagued the Islamic world. Islamists pushed to reject the principles and ideals of western
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