Modernity And Modernization

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The main argument made herein is that the relationship between the insecure attachment style and the LSRI is moderated by an individual’s cultural value. In the socialization process, the transmission of tradition values from the past to the present is not a strict antithetical side with respect to modernism. Modernity and traditionality are not mutually exclusive, the attitudes and behavior patterns may in some cases be fused and coexist. The principal values cover the domains of religion, moral standards, socio-economic and political attitudes, and attitudes towards work, family, marriage and sexuality, etc. The social theorists highlight how the modernization unfolds in Eastern countries through the globalization and the advance of new technology. Modernity is defined as the contemporary pattern of motivational, attitudinal, and behavioral characteristics that individuals adapt in modern societies, which is greatly related to individualism and egalitarianism of the Western culture (Farh, 1997). Although the modernization will not lead to completely wipe out or marginalize traditional values within an individual, there is a profound change in norms handed over through generations and that now organize social schema, for instance, a traditional value, attachment to the traditional family, in which promoting the stability, hierarchy of family roles, and differentiation of gender roles. These modernized individuals transform from the traditional values to the modernization in

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