Modernity In Armenian Genocide

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The concept of modernity is often framed in such a way as to inherit certain teleological characteristics. These teleological characteristics suggest that modernity is a progressive evolution of society and gives rise to the notion that modern civilization can be perfected. However, a problem arises when this idea of utopia is combined with the sociological phenomena of race and nationalism. These two concepts coincided with the advent of modernity and have yielded a concoction of violence and prejudice that has not only lead to the two most deadly conflicts in history but have also bred genocide. These ideologies contribute to genocide in a dual way that creates both division and hierarchy and thus effectively limits who can properly be considered as part of the national body politic. Through a comparison of these two ideologies through the framework of Bauman’s “Gardening State”, with a close analysis of race in the context of the Holocaust and a discussion of nationalism in the context of the Armenian Genocide, an argument will be made showing that these two ideologies not only contribute to genocide but are the necessary ingredients that make genocide a modern phenomenon. Conflict can often occur and radicalize when the idea of the self and the other infects the minds of various populations. To sum, the notion of the self and the other is the idea that there are people (the self) who can be included in a social group due to similar heritage, language, race, or other

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