Modernity In The Modern World

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Modernity refers to means of social, the world since 18th century onward improved in many aspects like communication, new innovations, and various development of science. The main ideas that shaped the modern world were the rise of intellectual thinkers like Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Voltaire and others after the collapse of the Church control over state and the rise of secular state. Each of intellectual thinkers had collaborated to contribute for new ideas and thoughts to develop the social science, sociology, psychology and science. In modernity there was a “moving from a system based upon the manufacture of material goods to one concerned more centrally with information” (Gabbines, 1990 P.2). Capitalism was the major transformation that shaped the modern world. The system replaced the traditional way of agrarian methods to more advanced way like production for market of national and international scope (Giddens, 1990 P.11). The modern world brought up with new concepts like, capital, investment, markets, industry and others, these were elaborated as part of the development of modern economic life. Tell the 18th century knowledge about “the creation of the world, about the man’s place in the world, about nature and society and about man’s duties and destiny” all was controlled by the Christian churches (Hall, 1992 ‘p.29’). Philosophers opposed the Christian believe that “the earth is the center of the universe”, they become more away from religion,
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