Modernity: The Beginning Of The Modern Era

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The term “Modern” is related to a range of periods, in which it describes the progress of the society at different wide levels, like: nation state, industrialization, proliferation of mass media and increasing the role of science and technology… The western world is using lately the term “modern era” to mark a period in the western civilization history that came after the medieval era, in addition to the Middle Ages reference. Scientists, and others, refer modernity to modern architecture, art, literature, technology, and science. There are no scholars that would agree on a single date represents the beginning of modernity. Even there is disagreement on a wider range about the modern era, whether it ended or it is ending. However, scientists and scholars did not agree about the date of beginning of the modern era. If we want to define modernity, we should ask first, what does it mean to be modern? This question is considered as a central question because there is no single answer. Rather, differing combinations of any number of social can describe modernity and cultural symptoms can describe modernity. There will always be loose ends if we tried to “sum-up” large spaces of human history into tight groups of thought. However, modernity has millions of definitions regarding the large number of the scholars that studied the term “modernity”, and their different way of thinking according to the time they belong to it. One of the best scholars that introduced a great study

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