Modernity: Today's Influence On Modern Society

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Homo sapiens think, fantasy and create. They invent systems and apparatuses and prosper technologies that are getting more complex, much faster, and more smart. For the last years, the process of modernism has been progressing, apparently obstructed by nothing. Modernity has its effects on everyday life: the phenomenon concerns every aspect of the society, from the culture to the religion to the government. As well it brings up considerable questions. For example, how does modernity influence on the relationships within and extrinsic to a society? It has became a cliché to say that technology will exterminate mankind, but to what extent is modernity a danger? The Industrial Revolution modulated and changed the world. Scientific and technological development has an intense influence on behaviors and customs as well as the brains. Starting with railways first and then automobiles permit people to…show more content…
Media is extremely effective and powerful: the culture has become the one with information. Newspapers remains as an important way of communication regarding events on both the local and global levels. Radio and television are two of main significant technological developments of the last century. Nowadays we have the Internet as well. Not at any time were mankind able to communicate, work and even play with so many different people simultaneously all over the world. This is the greatest cultural revolution. Everything can be found or reached thanks to the Web: shopping, learning, and even exploring new countries without leaving one’s seat! Culture has been electronically transmitted. We no longer do any effort to open a book or to take a pencil to write because all can be done by a computer. What an alteration! Previously , if people wanted to have social and cultural interaction, they had to travel to meet, to speak, and to interact personally and physically with one
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