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There is no real and fixed definition for development. Development could be a process of changing from a bad thing towards the good things and there is no end of development because it always a growing process. However, development can be seen as to increase the quality of life of human being around the world. These qualities of life include the job opportunities, employment, education, and clean water, health care and so on. The poor countries usually are been help in term of technology and science from developed countries and this lead to the increasing of capitalist in the backward country. Eventually, these capitalist system are become main reason in the form of exploitation towards the society. Based on this, I would explain further about…show more content…
Modernization theory believes that capitalist or investments from developed countries are the solution towards the poverty. Therefore, the encouraged of capitalist will make these poor countries become an industrialization country. Industrialization are refer to the structural change that backward countries experience in their development process from an agriculture society to an industrial economy, with the profound changes in the society that this entails (Kuznets,1973). According to Timmer and Szirmai (2000), it is associated with higher productivity growth and per capita income, described as a “structural bonus”. Based on this, capitalism is the best way to raise the well-being of the poor countries.
However, the theory is criticized for failing to consider the poor as the centerpiece in poverty reduction method. By ignoring the involvement and participation of the target community, modernity achieves the marginalization of the commitment creativity and support of the intervention strategies (Matunhu, 2011).
When we look at the dependency theory, we can see the exploitation in the poor countries is happen. Modernization theory is not including the history background of the poor country. The country that been colonized have the raw

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