Bhutanese Culture Analysis

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Bhutan although a small nation maintain its independence and a unique identity of its own. Modernization is a recent and influential phenomenon in the Bhutanese society and preservation of customs and values has become crucial. However, with the moderation there has been a massive shift and improvement in people's lifestyles as people now work hard for a better life. Modernization has left Bhutanese unique cultures and traditions vulnerable to changes and disappearance and has caused new conflicts of interest within the Bhutanese society by the influx of differing cultures and norms. Modernization of Bhutanese society enhanced by socioeconomic development has contributed to the loss of our traditional dress, intrinsic values,…show more content…
The progression of Information Technology predominantly via social networking such as facebook, twitter and television has exposed the younger generation to multiple and new cultures and values of different countries around the world (Bhutan Information and Media study, 2013). It can be presumed that some of the people, especially the youth have started adopting and wearing foreign dress in the streets which has led to the loss of the unique dress which defines Bhutan as an independent country (Collins, 2012). It is noticeable that there are very few shops in the market that sell traditional dress and the whole market is dominated by t-shirts, jeans and other foreign dress shops. This change has imposed a threat to the loss of the traditional value highly associated with our dress in our society and it is on the verge of disappearance. It can be observed that modernization has brought changes and the loss of the intrinsic values in areas such personal conduct and interpersonal relationships in the society. The important intrinsic value associate with personal conduct such as the principle of mutual sincerity…show more content…
Interest has shifted from traditional games and sports to foreign games like soccer (Clint, 2011). Losing these values which were passed from generations would be of great impact on our country's identity. Traditional values in Bhutanese society which are associated with the deeply rooted Buddhist culture have a major influence over most of the people however these are now being gradually undermined. The Buddhist values address a person’s responsibly towards all sentient beings and conduct of interpersonal relationship (Wangyel, 2001), however these conducts are being seen practiced less. It has been observed that people these days tends to avoid the old beliefs and faith in religion. The practice and faith in religion is depreciating particularly among the younger generation as these values are given less importance (Leoparsica,n.d.). It is important for Bhutan to keep these values which are associated with the religion preserved so that people there are peace and harmony in the society however these things are changing. Conclusion Bhutan has seen tremendous changes in its traditionally and culturally bound society with

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