Modernization In Marriage

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One of the milestones of the world history is the modernization which affects every aspect of the social life even marriages. Marriage institution is the most important foundation of the society because…. Although there is a general decline in marriage and in respect for the marriage institution because of modernization, actually it is possible and essential solving marital problems caused by modernization, considering that marriage is beneficial in terms of social, psychological, and health.
The emergence of the modern world appeared by the Industrial Revolution. It could be said that reaction of modernization is expanded by the globalization which as a product of modernization according to John McGrath (McGrath & Martin, 229). Therefore,
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In other words, nowadays societies tend to emphasize individual autonomy and the quality of life (Inglehart & Welzel, 137). For instance, women no longer accept their inferiority and helplessness which is the general approach to the woman since the dawn of the history. However, in the postindustrial phase, gender equality becomes a central aspect of modernization and crucial to the quality of democracy (Inglehart & Welzel, 272). Fortunately, with the modernization woman choose their education, careers, and lifestyles freely. In addition to gender equality, self-expression values become visible by the emergence of modernization and people behave materially, intellectually and socially more independent. They attach importance to their desires and act according to their own choices (Inglehart & Welzel,…show more content…
Indeed, it is possible to solve marriage problems caused by modernization after the notice and acknowledgment of the marital problem. According to psychologist Justin A. Lavner relationship problems should not be thought of as a degenerative process that worsens over time (Lavner, Korney & Brodbury, 983). It is not impossible to fix marriage problems of this modern era. Firstly, couples have to take specific decisions to enhance marital quality. In fact, they can begin with reducing expectations of the marriage, they have to be aware that a person cannot be completely flawless. For that reason, they should talk openly with each other. At this point, it is necessary to highlight that lack of communication is the basis of marriage problems. Lavner encourages relationship awareness and helps couples reappraise conflicts in their marriage at the end of the psychological study in 2014 (Lavner, Korney & Brodbury, 984). For healthier marriages partners should invest more time and effort into relationships by keeping it in interesting and doing some activities like renting a movie or going to the restaurant (Haight & Abrahamson). They can get help from an expert such as marriage counselor or coach to increase marital quality. Marital education programs can be another solution for marriage problems because these are more intensive programs that help them to learn how to communicate about their
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