Modernization In The Mexican Revolution

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The Mexican Revolution was life changing for the people of Mexico and the rest of the world. Everything from modernisation to personal expression was affected. For example, José Clemente Orozco was a highly acclaimed artist during the Mexican Revolution because no matter what the situation was he gave the full truth to the conditions of the Mexican public. While a revolution was inevitable for the country, the oppression that people experienced was not represented in the revolutionaries. The dictatorial years of Porfirio was known as “Porfiriato” lasted from 1876 to 1911. Throughout the “Porfiriato” the country maintained stable and began modernizing, consequently this caused major uproar with the citizens as they claimed he was a president who gave Mexico away. Porfirio brought in foreign countries to create a trade with the abundant resources that Mexico possessed, which should have brought an economic boost to the citizens, but because a vast majority were stuck in a form of labor they were not able to experience any economic help or growth. Unfortunately, indigenous people and poor people experienced the most harm from the modernising that Porfirio tried to incorporate into Mexican society. Towards the end of his reign, Porfirio began to experience civil unrest and revolts of the workers in the new modern industries he had brought into the country. Porfirio Diaz brought Mexico out of national debt, created new jobs, brought electricity into the nation, and created
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